Life is Full of Circles {refinishing a cabinet}


In the house where I grew up, there was a small cabinet in the kitchen.  I think it may have come from my great-grandma’s house.  It was on wheels, even though it never really got moved around, and Mom stored baking supplies in it, and kept her bread maker on top of it.  Somehow, when I moved into this house, I ended up with that little cabinet.  And then, for Christmas last year, Mom gave me a bread maker – and guess where I put it!

When we redid the kitchen, I knew I wanted to keep this little cabinet around – preferably with the bread maker still on top – but it wasn’t really going to match at all.  Mom gave her blessing on refinishing it, as long as I took “before” pictures, and last fall I did just that.  This was a fast and easy project that really made a difference to the cabinet.

2015-11-08-1605-2The “before” picture shows you that this isn’t a real heirloom or anything like that.  But it’s sturdy and well-made.

2015-11-08-1708First of all, of course, came the sanding.  There wasn’t a very a heavy gloss on the cabinet, so the sanding wasn’t too intense.  I did decide that I wanted to use my blue knobs instead of reusing the hardware that was on it, so I had to putty in the holes and sand those down as well.

Next, I painted the whole cabinet with the same glossy white as the kitchen cabinets.  (Although I apparently didn’t take a picture of that stage.)  Even though I didn’t really need to (since I didn’t on other cupboards), I went ahead and painted the inside of the cabinet as well.  The inside had never been varnished or anything, and I wanted it to be easy to clean.  Nothing wipes out like a few layers of full-gloss paint!

2015-11-15-0841-3For the top, we had some leftover laminate from our countertops.  Tom glued it on.  The edges of the cabinet’s counter are square just like the counters in our kitchen, so the edges were no problem.

img_20160917_215232473So, in the end, I have a happy little cabinet that blends right in with the rest of the kitchen stuff, and is a perfect place for baking supplies – and my bread maker!  (And, apparently, a random lamp and some paint samples – multiple uses!)

All in all, a very satisfactory heirloom.


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