Potentially back…


So I posted briefly in June with some throwback pictures.  I mentioned then that I have been working on a massive project – organizing all our photos.  What with having phones that are cameras, we accumulate a LOT of pictures nowadays, and I was frustrated with the fact that they were all jumbled up because they come from different sources, so when I put them on the computer they aren’t really organized at all.  I also think this laptop has a limited amount of life left – it’s doing that thing where it goes super sketch for a few days and then comes back around, and it never charges past 95%.  So I was getting a little concerned that it was just going to crash one day and all my pictures would be gone.  But before I just stuck them on a flash drive, I really, really, REALLY wanted to get them organized.

After a few false starts, I came up with a labeling system that works for me.  It’s a bit labor-intensive, but the end result has been worth it to me, and I’m hoping to at least kind of stay caught up on them.  I’ve done most of the backlog, with only about the first year of our marriage left to go through.  We didn’t have smart phones then, so there aren’t nearly as many pictures from those days back in the mists of time.  (Oh wait – that was 2010.  How has technology changed so much!?)

For inquiring minds, I’m labeling the photos by date and time.  So I I took a picture right now, on September 17, 2016, at 8:58pm, the picture would be labeled “2016-09-17-2058.”  By doing this, I am able to easily combine pictures from different sources into one folder.  It doesn’t matter if the picture was taken on my phone, Tom’s phone, our camera, or came from someone else – as long as they all get labeled in that manner, putting them in the same folder means they automatically sort themselves chronologically.

I also discovered that just regular old Windows photo program allows me to “tag” pictures, so I have also been able to organize them that way, by giving them (probably way too many) tags that I can use to search for specific pictures, events, places, or people.

It’s honestly taken me a lot of the summer, working on this project in my spare time, to get it all together.  There were hundreds of pictures to go through, especially since we bought the house and I went a bit picture-crazy trying to keep a record of everything we’ve been doing!  But now that I’m somewhat caught up, I would like to try to get back into blogging again.  It helps that even though we are always working on projects, the pace has somewhat slowed as we’ve taken care of the majority of things that were giving us an automatic gag-reflex every time we saw them!

We’ll see what happens.  I’m working part-time again, and there are a lot of things going on around here – plus we’re going on vacation soon!!! – but I really like having this blog as a sort of scrapbook of our lives, so it would be nice to get it operational again.  Here’s hoping!


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