We’re Still Here {painting, painting, painting}


So the last few weeks have been full of easy puttering.  After the intensity of the pre-move, we were so relieved to be out of the apartment and living in just one house.  It’s been so fantastic to just come home and be home and also be where we can work on stuff if we feel like it.  But, truthfully, we haven’t been doing a lot of work.  Basic unpacking and puttering, and a lot of resting and being happy about not being moving any more.

Just when things were starting to feel settled in, we decided to get started on the lower room.  This room, in case you’ve forgotten, has the weird flooring situation – concrete with a strange black powder that appears to be leftover carpet padding.  We’d like to do the flooring in this room, but of course need to finish the walls first.  After loads of agonizing I finally ended up with Menard’s Pale Moss Green (10C-2 if you’re interested) for the walls of the lower room.  The upper room (main living area) will be blue – Cosmic Rays (57C-2), while the bedroom and laundry room will be the darker shades on the blue and green cards respectively.  The trim and shelving throughout the entire house will be white (slightly off from true white, but pretty much white), White Lullaby.  Hopefully everything will flow alright, and the white will tie everything together.

For now, though, we’re just focusing on the lower room.  This room actually needs a lot of work yet.  We’re starting with painting the walls, railing, and the shelves we already have (more on that in a bit).  Then we’re hoping to do the flooring (still agonizing over whether to attempt wood laminate or just go with the carpeting because of the floor’s unevenness).  Then we have more shelves to build, plus Tom has plans for a big desk/workspace at one end, plus I’ve been promised a window seat, about which I am ridiculously excited.

So, first step – shelves.  Tom and I have lived in several houses since we’ve been married.  We started at the Wilson Avenue house, and then moved to the brick house.  From there, we moved next door into the yellow house (collectively, we lived almost two years between those two houses – same landlord – and refer to those years as when we lived “on the hill”).  Last year, to save money to buy a house of our own (it worked!) we moved to the Broad Street apartment.  Point is, at every stop Tom has built me shelves.  I have about a thousand books, so shelves are a critical part of my life.  We reached a high point in shelf-building at the yellow house.  That house a long, wide hallway, and Tom built shelves to run the whole length of it.  I had seen a picture online of shelves that had, instead of just straight shelves across, lots of little nooks and crannies.  He did a fantastic job building these shelves, and I LOVE them!


The shelves at their original location in the yellow house.

The shelves at their original location in the yellow house.




Also, pro-tip – if you’re building shelves, especially ones like these with lots of little squares and whatnot – paint the boards first, then build the shelves.  You will save yourself so much hassle!

At the apartment, we actually had a wall big enough for everything except the part under the window (which got repurposed – we are big into repurposing shelves/lumber/everything).  Here at the new house, we do not have a single wall big enough for all the shelves, but we are splitting them up in the lower room, and connecting them with other shelves that will go under the windows.  Unfortunately, this dark green (Midnight Clover) doesn’t really match the color scheme…  which means I’m stuck painting these shelves.  Gahhhhhhhhhhhh

Good times, right?

Good times, right?

Still, it’s coming along.

Tom has finished building the other two sections of railing.  I think I mentioned before that we’re building these completely out of 2x4s, cut to length and then split in four, meaning each section has cost us less than $25.  While not the fanciest railing ever, the simplicity works for our situation, and they actually don’t look too bad all painted in white.  Nice mission-style railing at a super reasonable price!

We painted the spindles before installing them - way easier than painting them afterwards!!

We painted the spindles before installing them (you can see the bundle there on the left) – way easier than painting them afterwards!!

Yesterday and today we’ve been putting the walls in green, and finishing up painting the rails.  (Actually, Tom’s painting the rails right now while I’m goofing off on the internet.  :-D)  It’s pretty exciting to have something not white going on around here!

Looking quite minty!

Looking quite minty!

Poor lighting, but you can kind of see the green!

Poor lighting, but you can kind of see the green!  The two smaller shelves are going on either side of the fireplace, with the window seat under the window on the right, and the piano – surrounded by as-yet-unbuilt shelves – under the window on the left.

The other exciting news around here is that Clarence has officially moved in as well.  We’ve really missed our super fat, super furry friend.

Don't let the 'tude fool you - he's thrilled to be here.

Don’t let the ‘tude fool you – he’s thrilled to be here.

So fat.

So fat.

There have been other minor changes as we’ve been settling in and seeing how things work for us here.  Getting the lower room squared away is going to help a lot, as a lot of our storage will be down there (and I’ll be able to get my precious books out of boxes!), so we’re looking forward to that.

For now, I’m off to do some more painting – maybe tomorrow will see the second coat!!!


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